Bamboo Flooring

One familiar hardwood floor specie is a bamboo. It is becoming a popular flooring choice for both domestic and commercial application. Bamboo flooring is made from a renewable grass and can be twice as durable as oak flooring. It has an attractive feature and is available in vertical, horizontal and strand-woven patterns.

If you want to install bamboo flooring to your property, Northern Nevada Hardwood Floors is the company to call. We are knowledgeable in all types of hardwood floors, including bamboo floors. Our company has been in the hardwood flooring industry for more than 30 years. Rest assured that we will apply our skills to each job to ensure your property achieve a brand-new look. Call Northern Nevada Hardwood Floors at (775) 624-3303 today to learn more whether or not bamboo flooring material is the best option for you.

Bamboo Flooring Installation Experts
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